Top US General Sounds Alarm Over Potential War With China: 'We All Should Be Worried'

The U.S. military’s top-ranking officer, General Charles Q. Brown Jr., warned that the possibility of a war with China should be a cause for concern.

What Happened: In an interview with Fox News, General Brown discussed the growing apprehension of a U.S.-China war. He was responding to recent Reagan Institute polls indicating that 51% of Americans perceive China as the most significant foreign threat, and 74% are anxious about potential conflict within five years.

“Well, just think about what happened in Hong Kong. And the first thing I would say is we want to be, and we all should be, worried whether it’s going to happen or not. And part of the reason why deterrence is so important so that conflict does not occur,” Brown said.

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The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff also emphasized the readiness and strength of the U.S. military while acknowledging the seriousness of the potential conflict, particularly concerning a possible invasion of Taiwan.

“We’re ready for whatever comes our way,” Brown stated. “We want to be so ready that we don’t have a conflict. Our strength that we demonstrate as a military will bring that peace.”

When confronted with a poll suggesting that a majority believe China will soon surpass the U.S. both militarily and economically, Brown asserted his role is to ensure this does not happen on the military front.

Why It Matters: Brown’s statements are in line with earlier warnings by military and security officials about a possible conflict over Taiwan. Notably, Admiral Philip Davidson, the then head of U.S. forces in the Indo-Pacific, predicted in 2021 that China could take military action against Taiwan by 2027.

China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory, has been conducting increased military operations around Taiwan. Beijing also employs other tactics, such as trade barriers and disinformation campaigns, to undermine Taiwan’s de facto independence.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, recently expressed optimism about the possibility of de-escalating U.S.-China tensions, particularly over Taiwan.

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