From 'GoldDigger' Trojan To Mixed Reviews Of Apple Vision Pro: This Week In Appleverse - Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

The past week was rife with developments surrounding Apple Inc. AAPL. From the security alarm raised by the debut of the ‘GoldDigger’ Trojan on iOS to the mixed reactions trailing the Vision Pro headset, Apple was at the center of tech conversations. Here’s a roundup of notable stories that made headlines.

‘GoldDigger’ Trojan: A New Threat for iPhone and iPad Users

A new iOS trojan dubbed “GoldDigger” has emerged, affecting iPhone and iPad users. Cybersecurity firm Group-IB disclosed that the trojan’s purpose is to pilfer facial recognition data and exploit AI-generated deepfakes to defraud bank accounts. This marks the first trojan developed for iOS, initially designed for Android, and it represents a significant threat by gathering facial recognition data, ID documents, and SMS. Read the full article here.

Apple’s New AI Tool: Keyframer Animates Images Using Text Prompts

Apple is once again expanding its AI portfolio with a tool named Keyframer. This innovative tool allows users to animate static images simply by using text prompts. This development leverages large language models (LLMs) to bring still images to life based on user-provided text. Read the full article here.

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Apple Vision Pro: A Thousand Apps and Counting

Despite some users returning their Vision Pro headsets, Apple recently announced that the mixed reality headset now boasts over 1,000 dedicated apps, a mere 12 days after launch. These apps are accessible through a dedicated visionOS App Store, with over 1.5 million compatible apps available. Read the full article here.

A ‘Wild’ In-Flight Experience with Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft executive Omar Shahine shared his awe-inspiring experience using the Vision Pro headset during a 16-hour flight. The spatial computing wearable transformed the Emirates business-class cabin into a personal theatre, hinting at a potential revolution in in-flight entertainment. Read the full article here.

Mixed Feelings: Users Return Apple Vision Pro

Despite initial excitement, some Vision Pro buyers have started returning the $3,500 mixed-reality headset, citing design and performance issues. The headset’s weight and discomfort during extended use are among the primary reasons for the returns. Read the full article here.

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