Here are the top 25 start-ups to work for in India

It’s also great to see young professionals embracing India’s startup ecosystem, with 56% of all hires in the top 25 startups being aged below 30.

Nirajita Banerjee

Managing editor, LinkedIn News India

“Edtech has also made its mark in the list,” she said, naming companies like upGrad, GrowthSchool and Classplus.

India’s space technology and research sector is also “an emerging one to watch,” Banerjee added, with companies like Skyroot Aerospace and AgniKul Cosmos on the list for the second year in a row.

“It’s also great to see young professionals embracing India’s startup ecosystem, with 56% of all hires in the top 25 startups being aged below 30, and 17% aged below 25, at the time of joining.”

The list that LinkedIn compiled drew on in-house data collected between July 1, 2021 and June 30 2022, measuring start-ups in four areas — employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent.

To be eligible, companies had to be headquartered in India, have 50 or more employees, and be seven years or younger at the time of calculation.

LinkedIn said the rankings serve as a resource for employees who want to grow in their skills and are “excited by the opportunity to innovate.”

5. Skyroot Aerospace 

Industry: Space research and technology 

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Full-time headcount: 200

Most common skills: Aerospace engineering, machining, scientific computing

Skyroot Aerospace was founded four years ago by engineers and former scientists from the Indian Space Research Organization. It builds technologies for “responsive, reliable and economic access to space.” The spacetech company is now working on a series of rockets that will help carry small satellites into space.

4. Zepto

Industry: Internet

Headquarters: Mumbai

Full-time headcount: 1,000 

Most common skills: Business management, manufacturing operations, data science

Zepto is a startup that promises to deliver groceries in less than 10 minutes. Co-founded by two 19-year-old Stanford dropouts, the latest cash injection of $200 million it received in May 2022 valued the business at $900 million. That brings Zepto one step closer to unicorn status — a startup valued at more than $1 billion.

Two 19-year-olds dropped out of Stanford to build India's next tech unicorn

3. Groww 

Industry: Food and beverage services 

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Full-time headcount: 680

Most common skills: Development tools, web development, data science

Groww is an digital investment platform that provides an objective evaluation of different investment opportunities through stocks and mutual funds. The company boasts of more than 30 million active users, according to its website, and aims to simplify investment for the masses.

2. upGrad

Industry: E-learning 

Headquarters: Mumbai

Full-time headcount: 5,000

Most common skills: Business management, communication, sales operation

upGrad partners with universities in India and overseas to provide professionals and college students the opportunity to upskill. In August 2021, upGrad reached unicorn status and has since raised another $210 million in Series F funding.


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