Grant Cardone Says Quit Saving Your Money: 'The ONLY Thing That Will Bring You True Wealth Is...'

Grant Cardone, a renowned expert in real estate investment, has advised that Americans should abandon the habit of saving to achieve genuine wealth.

In a recent Twitter post, he said that neither a full-time job nor saving your money will result in becoming rich. Only by investing can you get true wealth. 

“Quit saving your money. That’s what my parents did. They saved money. They didn’t invest their money correctly. They didn’t leverage the money into real investments because they were terrified of losing their money.” Cardone said in the video he tweeted. 

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The entrepreneur asserts that certain asset classes exist, such as real estate properties, that generate consistent cash flow and increase in value over time, helping preserve one’s capital.

In April, Cardone spoke about the new trend of tokenized real estate. He acknowledged how tokenization could broaden the real estate investment market for everyday investors, something he has advocated for since starting his empire in the 1990s. 

He also recently said that the single-digit millionaire is the new middle class. “If you are a single-digit millionaire, you are not wealthy… you are worried,” Cardone said. “Millionaires are middle-class people who are worried about money.” 

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