Elon Musk Slammed By Taylor Swift Fans...Again

Elon Musk once again found himself amid a social media storm as outraged Swifties retaliated against his now-deleted tweet, which drew comparisons between Taylor Swift and “Napoleon Dynamite.”

What Happened: The tech billionaire faced a swarm of Swifties after posting a tweet comparing the “Wildest Dreams” singer to the awkward teen character in the 2004 American comedy film “Napoleon Dynamite” of the same name. 

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Musk’s now-deleted tweet featured a side-by-side photo of the curly-headed nerd and Swift, accompanied by the text, “When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag.” 

Fans swiftly defended Swift, accusing Musk of bitterness and attention-seeking, while others criticized his appearance. The tweet was deemed by many as crossing a line, with calls for Musk to leave Swift alone.

Why It’s Important: This isn’t the first time Musk has found himself in hot waters with Swifties over some remark. Earlier this year, following the conclusion of The Eras Tour at the State Farm Stadium near Phoenix, where Swift performed 44 songs over three hours, her fans flooded Twitter with video clips capturing the event. 

Among the supporters expressing their admiration was Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, also known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, who playfully asserted that anyone who disagreed with Swift’s talent would face being “kicked off the internet.”

Musk entered the conversation, commenting on the artist’s exceptional “limbic resonance.” This concept refers to the ability of an individual to share deep emotional states originating from the limbic system in the brain.

Musk’s tweet quickly garnered attention from perplexed followers, with some advising him to steer clear of any involvement with Swift. Adding fuel to the speculation, one user even suggested that Musk harbored romantic feelings for Swift

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