Tesla User Upgrades FSD After Musk Responds: 'Very Good...' - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

A Tesla Inc TSLA vehicle user who previously shared their frustrations with Full Self-Driving Beta v11 decided to upgrade to a newer version after receiving a response from Elon Musk on Friday.

What Happened: The user posted a 21-second video and said that the car wants to take an exit even when it shouldn’t. “Sometimes with a turn signal, sometimes without,” the user said.

Musk responded to the tweet enquiring whether it is FSD Beta 11.4.3.

The user responded that the video was posted before 11.4.3 was out and is 11.4.2.

The user later shared a video of them trying the newer version for the first time. “Felt very good overall with a few hiccups including stopping too far back at a stop sign and poor roundabout behavior,” the user wrote, adding, “Highway merging was great! “

“FSD Beta can easily drive on a road even if it’s totally different from the last time it drove on it,” the user said in a later tweet.

Why It Matters: Version 11.4 started shipping to employees early in May. “V11.4 is excellent. Several days of driving to random pin drop locations in Austin. Zero safety-critical interventions,” Musk said after a test.

He said that v11.4 should arguably be v12.0 with its ‘major improvements.’ However, v12 is reserved for when FSD is end-to-end AI, Musk said, raising anticipation.

v11.4.3 started rolling out on Friday. “The rate of improvement is accelerating,” Musk said on Twitter.

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