Will Donald Trump Win Republican Nomination In 2024 Election? Here's What His Niece Predicts

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump delved into the likely Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election in the latest episode of her podcast.

What Happened: Republicans are going to ignore Donald Trump and project President Joe Biden in the bad light, podcast host Brian Karem told Mary Trump on her “The Mary Trump Show” on Friday.

His comments came ahead of the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the U.S., held this week.

“What you’re seeing is the Republican agenda in CPAC this week. You’re seeing how it’s going to play out for the next two years until the 2024 election,” Karem said.

“They’re going to deny that the Donald Trump regime ever existed, and they’re going to paint the Biden Administration as the most corrupt and the worst ever, so every sin that was visited upon us by Donald Trump and his ire is going to be passed on and blamed on Joe Biden,” he added.

Mary Trump responded, saying she believes the most likely scenario is that Donald Trump will be the nominee.

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Her guest said the best chance for the ex-president to win is for more candidates to join the fray. “His best chance is the more Republicans that try to join in to become president…. the more likely it’ll be Donald,” Karem said. If he holds onto even 30% of the base and there are five people in the race, Donald Trump could be the nominee, he added.

With that being said, Karem ultimately doesn’t believe Donald Trump will become the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, adding in a disclaimer that he didn’t anticipate Trump’s 2016 election victory.

“But the fact that you have Biden sitting there now in a much more secure position and actually accomplishing something as president makes it more difficult for Donald Trump if the Democrats will frame the argument and do their job right,” Karem said.

The biggest problem of the Democrats is that they don’t frame an argument, and they are letting the Republicans do it and then react to it, he said.

Why It’s Important: Donald Trump leads over the other Republican candidates, both actual and potential, as the most favored Republican candidate, recent polls show.

A recent Yahoo/YouGov polls show Donald Trump having an eight percentage point lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical head-to-head contest. When other likely candidates are added to the mix, Donald Trump’s lead over his nearest rival, DeSantis, increased by 16 percentage points.

In a video published recently on the social media platform Rumble, Donald Trump declared his plans regarding making America great again and dramatically improving Americans’ standard of living.

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