Bill Gates Says Steve Jobs Would Overwork People: 'It Wasn't A Perfect Thing'

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said that although he has learned many things from Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder was not perfect because he would “overwork people.”    

Speaking at an event in New Delhi, Gates said that he was inspired by Job’s sense of design and marketing.

“I learned a lot from Steve, we were utterly different. I mean, he never wrote a line of code, but his sense of design, marketing, and his intuitive feel for who is a good engineer. Steve was such a unique person, and he could get a lot out of people,” Gates said.

“He would overwork people, so it wasn’t a perfect thing, but Steve was amazing, I learned a lot from him,” he added. 

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Speaking about ChatGPT and if he has ever used it, Gates said he used the latest version to write in Hindi. 

“I was using the version that comes after that (current version of ChatGPT) last night, and I was telling it to write things in Hindi. Of course, I had no idea what it was writing, but I play around with it whenever I have friends over,” Gates said.

While Gates and Jobs separately led the paradigm-shifting boom of personal computers, their paths directly crossed in 1997 when Gates’ Microsoft invested $150 million in Jobs’ Apple

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Photo: Coutesy of Joi Ito on flickr

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