Trump Says There Were No Documents Related To Iran Among Mar-A-Lago Items That He 'Knows Of'

In a Monday interview with Fox News, former President Donald Trump defended his retention of classified materials at his Mar-A-Lago estate after leaving the White House. Trump claimed he did not have time to sift through the boxes filled with documents, which he wanted to do before handing them over to the National Archives.

What Happened: During the interview with Fox anchor Bret Baier, Trump explained his reasons for retaining the classified materials, stating that the boxes were mixed with personal items, The Hill reports.

When asked about the presence of documents related to Iran among the items, Trump retorted “Not that I know of.”

The former president denied any knowledge of such documents, claiming that everything he took with him was declassified.

Last Tuesday, Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 counts of charges, including violations of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice, in connection with his refusal to return classified records from his presidency. The indictment also alleges that Trump discussed specific classified materials with staff members who did not have security clearances.

Why It Matters: Trump’s handling of classified documents has been a grave concern for lawmakers and has drawn criticism from key GOP figures, including Barr and Christie. His actions have led to a federal court case, with key GOP figures voicing their opinions on the indictment.

The indictment has led to speculations about potential jail time and has sparked debates about its impact on the Republican party. Despite the controversy, Trump’s campaign has managed to raise $6.6 million since the indictment, labeling the prosecutor as ‘deranged.’

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