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Tesla Inc TSLA on Thursday flaunted one of the largest battery installations in the U.S. paid for by tech giant Apple Inc AAPL.

What Happened: Tesla posted a video of its 240 MWh megapack at Cal Flats in Monterey County, California, on its official YouTube channel on Thursday.

Cal Flats is a photovoltaic solar power plant spread across 2,900 acres and comprising 280 MW of solar panels. The excess energy generated by Cal Flats will be stored in the Megapack.

“Megapack provides reliable power when demand is high or when the grid goes down,” Tesla said in the video.

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In March 2021, Apple Inc AAPL said that is constructing one of the largest battery projects at California Flats to support the solar farm that provides all of its renewable energy in California. Apple later confirmed to the media that the setup would use Megapacks from Tesla.

The Megapack was first announced in 2019. Tesla describes the Megapack as a large-scale, rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary energy-storage product. 

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