Putin Bats For Quicker Weapons Production As Ukraine War Rages: 'Need To Gain Higher Tempo In All Areas'

Vladimir Putin reportedly chaired a new committee on Tuesday, pushing for the quick production of weapons and supplies to Russia’s troops fighting in Ukraine.

What Happened: Putin stressed the need to “gain higher tempo in all areas” when it came to the production of armaments and supplies, reported Al Jazeera.

Russian news reports accepted that those mobilized to fight in Ukraine have not been equipped with adequate basic equipment and were forced to secure supplies on their own, according to Al Jazeera.

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence said in a report on Tuesday that Russia’s “artillery ammunition is running low.”

Similarly, the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War that a slowdown in the tempo of Russian air, missile, and drone strikes reflect depleted stockpiles, reported Al Jazeera.

Why It Matters: In mid-October, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that Russia would run out of weapons before Ukraine does.

“Russia’s ability to make and repair weapons and ammunition is tied up in a global supply chain that it has little current access to,” said Wallace.

Even so, Ukraine has been hit by a wave of kamikaze Iranian drones, some of which have targeted the country’s energy facilities.

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