Psychedelics Venture Studio Sets Up Equity Crowdfunding Campaign To Expand Drug-Assisted Therapies

Nucleus is launching an crowdfunding campaign with the goal of expanding people’s relation with the psychedelics industry.

The venture studio subsidiary to VC firm Iter Investments is aiming to impulse psychedelic-assisted therapy forward in the midst of the global mental health crises.

On behalf of Iter Investments, founder Dustin Robinson explained: “We launched and invested into Nucleus because my fund recognized that the nascent psychedelic industry had a lot of gaps that needed to be filled in to help the industry progress.”

Nucleus CEO Logan Lenz that “it’s important to us at Nucleus that everyone who is interested in owning a stake in the world of psychedelic-assisted therapy have the opportunity to.”

The crowdfunding campaign will distribute equity in Nucleus for those who participate.

Facing the newly launched campaign, Lenz commented: “We believe offering the opportunity for anyone to make a true investment into Nucleus via crowdfunding is the best way to allow our audience to own a stake in Nucleus and share in all of its success.”

Why Take The Crowdfunding Opportunity?

The mission driving Nucleus’ work is being able to provide tools and opportunities to industry stakeholders, whether it’s investors, potential patients, practitioners or professionals. The company intends to do so through its proprietary assets portfolio, currently holding a total 12 brands while more are expected to join in the near future. 

Nucleus built these ventures to bridge media, data and technology gaps within the industry. The platforms’ content ranges from offering updated data and the possibility to connect with professionals in the ecosystem (Neuly) and providing industry investment insights (Psychedelic Invest) to a marketing space for mental health practitioners (Psyrise), a directory of practitioners (Psychedelic Finder), and a psychedelics-assisted therapy course offering (Matter Academy).

To date, Nucleus’ community has over 50 thousand members, and the new equity crowdfunding campaign inviting investors to join will be open as of October 26.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash.

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