MMJ Bill In Nigeria, Farmers Ripped Off In Malawi, Barbados Industry In Bloom And More

Members of the House of Representatives in Nigeria discussed a proposed bill that aims to legalize the commercial cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis, reported local media. The bill aims to amend the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act.

The House proposed legalizing cannabis cultivation and trading for medical use and research. If the Cannabis Control Bill 2020 becomes law, doctors and hospitals will be authorized to prescribe cannabis for treating patients, and stores and pharmacies will be authorized to sell it.

Small Cannabis Farmers Ripped Off In Malawi

In February 2020, Malawi legalized cannabis farming legal for industrial and medicinal purposes to reduce dependence on tobacco farming. The government’s plan was to engage numerous small-scale farmers who could obtain seeds from local private companies and sell their harvest back to them. However, after paying fees to the United States Cannabis Association-Malawi (USCA), a private Malawian company, local farmers say they have not received either seeds or training, BBC reported.

First MMJ Facility In Barbados

The chairman of the Barbados Medical Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) stated that, despite doubts, there is significant interest in Barbados’ medicinal cannabis industry and the island’s first therapeutic facility is set to launch within a year, reported local media. Senator Shanika Roberts-Odle, who is also the acting CEO of BMCLA said training opportunities will be made available to Barbadians interested in entering the industry. The BMCLA leader expressed pride in the industry’s progress, as it was previously predicted that it would not generate interest or make any advancements. The first operational medicinal cannabis plantation is already in place.

France’s €300 Million CBD Market

The French government has granted provisional approval for CBD products to be classified as food supplements and to continue to be sold while awaiting authorization under the EU’s food safety scheme. The policy can be seen as a positive signal for CBD hemp operators seeking to take advantage of France’s estimated €300 million CBD market, reported Hemp Today. Ludovic Rachou, president of the Union of Industrialists for the Valorization of Hemp Extracts (UIVEC), a trade association that contributed to the development of the guidelines, stated that it would instill confidence across the hemp supply chain.

Study Shows Londoners Using £1.45 Billion In Illegal Cannabis To Manage Health Conditions

A health study has shown that individuals in London are spending around £1.45 billion every year on illegal cannabis to self-treat health issues, including chronic pain, reported the Standard. Conducted by Sapphire Medical Clinics, the research indicates that 11% of Londoners with medically-diagnosed conditions are forced to obtain cannabis illegally, despite the fact that it is available for specific medical conditions through the NHS.

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