Is Your Tinder Match Finally Striking Deep Conversation? Think Again... It Just Might Be ChatGPT Doing The Trick

Is your Tinder match a deep thinker or a ChatGPT imposter? OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot is making people question everything they know about online dating. 

What Happened: A Redditor shared a bizarre exchange they had with a Tinder match — and it just proves how deeply OpenAI’s ChatGPT has infiltrated the lives of people today.  

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In the post, the Redditor shared how the first message their Tinder match sent them addressed all the points on their profile, prompting the Redditor to think that someone actually went through the trouble to read their entire profile to strike up a conversation. “What a catch,” the Redditor recalled.

However, after a few more exchanges, it became apparent that the person was using ChatGPT to produce such thoughtful responses. 

The Redditor then allegedly confronted their Tinder match, who confessed that he had used the chatbot because he didn’t have the energy to hold a conversation. 

However, despite all the lying and chaotic exchange, the Redditor didn’t seem bitter. “Gotta appreciate the innovative thinking,” they wrote.

Why It’s Important: Since OpenAI released ChatGPT for public testing, the AI-powered chatbot has taken the internet by storm.

ChatGPT can write poetry, answer complicated questions typically reserved for professionals and understand or respond to commands like “Proofread this story and make it sound happier.” 

In fact, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that GPT-4 — the latest multimodal LLM created by OpenAI and the fourth in its GPT series — could re-write the Declaration of Independence the way a famous person like Donald Trump might. 

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