Gold, Silver, Uranium — Commodities for Now and Later

At this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), Lobo Tiggre, editor and founder of, spoke about the difference between rationalism and empiricism when it comes to investing.

“The bottom line there is that rationalism is this theory thing; empiricism is what does the data say,” he explained. “I think as investors and speculators, to make money you need to look at what’s happening now, what does the data say now.”

For Tiggre, gold and uranium are two “now” sectors that he’s paying attention to.

In terms of gold, he said he has confidence because its price rise over the last several months makes sense.

“It’s up for a reason,” Tiggre explained on the sidelines of the show. “The DXY, the dollar, has been so directly correlating inversely with gold prices and silver prices over the last year … That mechanism is real, and it was a headwind for gold all of last year until the end. That has changed. The mechanism hasn’t changed, but the direction of the dollar has changed.”

When it comes to uranium, he urged investors who are disappointed with the commodity’s sideways movement to “have a sense of proportion,” saying that the market looks great from both a fundamental and technical perspective.

Points working in uranium’s favor include Japanese nuclear reactor restarts, buying from the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX:U.UN), the US government entering the market and potential restrictions on supply out of Kazakhstan.

“All these factors are extremely bullish, and it’s happening now,” he said.

Of course, not everything is a “now” story, and Tiggre said that while he’s bullish on areas like copper and battery metals, he sees them as longer-term plays, especially as recession concerns loom large.

“I’m in the recession camp. I don’t believe soft landing scenarios, I don’t believe mild and short,” he said. “I think we’re going to see a serious global recession — or rather, I think one has already started and will be acknowledged this year.”

Watch the interview above for more from Tiggre on gold, silver, uranium and other commodities. You can also click here for the Investing News Network’s full VRIC playlist on YouTube.

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