EXCLUSIVE: Chris Camillo On Connecting The Dots From Social Change To Investment Opportunities - Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY), InMode (NASDAQ:INMD)

Chris Camillo, the host of the DumbMoney.tv, joined Benzinga founder Jason Raznick on “The Raz Report” Friday to discuss how Camillo predicts social changes to drive his investment decisions.

One social change that the pair talked about shifting beauty standards that are driving weight loss and cosmetic stocks higher

“I’m a social arb trader,” Camillo told Raznick.

“I essentially try and detect change early in the world, whether it’s culture or consumer behavior, and connect the dots to investable opportunities in the market, whether it’s long or short.” 

Trading Beauty Trends: Camillo and Raznick discussed pharmaceutical giants like Novo Nordisk NVO as well as Eli Lilly and Co LLY and weight loss drugs that have gained massive popularity due to social media sites like TikTok.

Social media and beauty filters, as well as AI images and filters, are changing beauty standards and causing consumers to spend more on their appearance, Camillo said.

Another tangential play on the weight loss drugs is Inmode LTD INMD, a biotech company that focuses on non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Inmode has a procedure that will help people who lose a lot of weight tighten their loose or extra skin. 

Inmode will benefit from potentially millions of people who start on the different weight loss drugs, Camillo said. 

“Inmode is one of the leaders in deep radio frequency micro-needling,” Camillo said. “I think [the company is] likely to be one of the beneficiaries in this cultural shift we are seeing.”

Watch the full interview and more stock picks with Camillo:

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