Donald Trump Woos Farmers At Iowa Rally, Offers Advice To Parents: 'Don't Leave Them A Thing'

Former President Donald Trump, the billionaire father of five, who has long been rumored to have a preference for his two oldest children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., took some time during his rally on Monday to offer advice to parents.

Trump’s Advice: While delivering remarks on his America First Education Policy in Iowa, Trump let the mothers and fathers in his crowd — and anyone thinking of having children in the future — know they aren’t required to leave their children anything when they die.

“If you don’t like your kids that much or if you don’t like them at all, which happens on occasion, don’t leave them a thing,” Trump said.

Reminding the crowd of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law on Dec. 22, 2017, which he continues to misleadingly say “eliminated the unfair estate tax or death tax,” Trump, whose family real estate firm was found guilty on Dec. 6, 2022 of tax evasion, went on to ask the crowd if they liked their kids.

“Does anybody in here not like their children?” Trump said to hecklers from the crowd, adding “Oh be careful! Oh! We gotta be careful with that. The problem is the fake news media is gonna report that as fact, you know that. You’re gonna have a lot of explaining to do.”

What’s More: Trump, who during the first few minutes of his speech, said, “You can say anything you want, you can give me the worst toughest most horrible question. Who cares. Who the hell cares,” has a transactional relationship with his children, according to a report.

Characteristically, the “Art of The Deal” author’s remarks around his tax bill were meant to woo farmers in exchange for their votes. Iowa, known as the Hawkeye state, has the second-largest agriculture industry in the U.S.

Speaking about how he saved farmers by repealing former President Barack Obama’s Clean Water Rule, which Trump said was called “Water of the United States,” Trump had a story to tell: “I’ll never forget when I did it. I had a group of farmers and builders, home builders, standing behind me, about 50 of them. And when I did it half of them — these are men and in some cases about five women. They’d never cried in their life before, maybe when they were a baby in their mother’s arms but they’re not criers — half of the people were crying. I gave them back their rights. I gave them back their property.”

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