Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

For many people, the idea of being able to pay for groceries using an app on their smartphone is appealing. Along with simplifying transactions, it allows for a no or low-contact approach to payments, which many people prefer post-pandemic. Since that’s the case, you may be wondering, “Does HEB take Apple Pay?” If so, here’s everything you need to know about paying for groceries at HEB.

Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

No, HEB does not take Apple Pay. While that option may become available in the future, customers today have to use another payment method to cover the cost of their groceries at HEB.

The main reason that you can’t use Apple Pay at HEB is that the registers aren’t currently equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology, which Apple Pay requires to work. Instead, HEB uses a QR code system for smartphone-based payments, which limits your ability to use anything but the HEB app to pay for purchases if you want to use your phone.

However, HEB does accept several other payment options. That includes using a credit card, debit card, cash, or check. HEB also has a smartphone app that you can use to pay for groceries.

Does HEB Take Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

No, HEB doesn’t accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Those apps also rely on NFC technology. Since NFC isn’t part of the current register system, using mobile wallets like those isn’t an option at HEB right now. However, that may change down the line, so keep that in mind.

Does HEB Have an App-Based Payment Option?

If your main priority is to have a smartphone app-based payment option that works at HEB, you’re in luck. HEB Go is a simple alternative that not only lets you pay for your groceries using your smartphone but gives you the ability to skip the standard checkout line entirely.

How Does HEB Go Work?

HEB Go is a reasonably straightforward app that’s available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. After downloading the app, you’ll create an account and add a payment method. That gives you a way to pay for your purchases using the app.

Next, you’ll head out to shop. Either bring your own bags or pick some up near the store entrance. As you shop, scan the product barcodes to log the purchases, putting the items right into a bag. If you have produce you need to weigh, head to a weigh station to get a barcode, then scan the barcode with the app.

If you want to handle weighed produce or other items you don’t want to scan right away, set them together in your cart to speed up checkout. Continue through the store until you have everything you want.

If you have everything scanned, head to an HEB Go checkout and scan the QR code. Here, you can also scan any items you didn’t handle along the way. Then, you can pay using the stored payment method. After that, you can leave the store with your purchases.

Do you wish that HEB took Apple Pay, or does the lack of this service not derail your shopping experience? Have you used any workarounds that let you use Apple Pay at HEB, or do you simply stick with another payment method? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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