Cannabis Recall Again In Oregon: Potential Presence Of Pesticides In These Products - Curaleaf Holdings (OTC:CURLF)

Oregon state regulators recalled over 22,000 cannabis concentrate products due to the potential presence of pesticides.

The recall, announced on Friday, applies to 9,300 units that were still on the market as well as 13,600 units already sold to consumers, according to a press release issued by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC).

The products in question were manufactured by OLCC licensees operating as Bobsled and Quantum Alchemy.

The regulators directed the two cannabis retailers to destroy the products or return them to a licensed supplier for destruction.

The recalled products are concentrated forms of psychoactive THC and include a  variety of products, from jars of THC extract and THC vape cartridges to ingestible forms of THC, such as Rick Simpson Oil.

OLCC said it would continue its investigation to determine why the products were contaminated. The companies are cooperating with regulators.

“The OLCC has not identified any fault by the laboratory that conducted the pesticide analysis,” the agency said. “The items identified as subject to the mandatory recall are related to batches that originally failed testing for pesticides.”

Curaleaf’s CBD-THC Labeling Debacle

Meanwhile, Select, the Oregon cannabis brand owned by multi-state operator Curaleaf Holdings CURLF, made headlines last year for committing a substantial labeling mistake with possible serious health implications.

The cannabis producer, also known as Cura Cannabis, mixed up its two lines of products – one with CBD and the other with THC, causing confusing states for some of its consumers who were not expecting to get stoned from their CBD drops.

Oregon regulators were fast to act, recalling the brand’s 1,000mg unflavored Select CBD drops, labeled as “Broad Spectrum,” but containing THC. And then the brand’s 1,000-mg bottles of unflavored, Select THC Tincture had to be recalled for not containing THC.

In June, a federal lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon, by a 77-year-old man against Curaleaf for allegedly engaging in unlawful trade practices, gross negligence, and “utter lack of reasonable and adequate safety and protocols when it manufactured, bottled, labeled, shipped, and sold its tainted products…”

The 13-page document was asking for class-action status and $200 apiece for the several hundred consumers who purchased the CBD wellness drops in Oregon over the past year that contained high doses of THC.

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