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In the throbbing heart of the flourishing cannabis industry, an unyielding force is driving transformative change. That force is Matca Films, an organization that has carved out its niche by fusing an ardent passion for the cannabis plant with an ability to craft captivating content and potent branding strategies. It has earned its place as a key player, fostering growth and consolidation of cannabis brands worldwide.

The man at the helm is Matías Nicolás Cardozo, known in the industry circles as Matca, the CEO, and creative director of Matca Films. Matca’s acclaim as Argentina’s finest cannabis photographer is well-established, yet his talent spills beyond the confines of a camera lens. His handpicked team – comprising Lucia Vázquez, head of graphics; Lua Jones, director of photography; Chino Jones, producer and filmmaker; and Tom Cardozo, editor and filmmaker – have collectively catered to over 100 clients, completed around 230 projects, and documented more than 1,600 marijuana plants.

Now, Matca Films is on the brink of an exhilarating expansion. It’s welcoming new creative talents into its fold. Lola Marin has joined as an account manager and photographer, and Nach Ricciardi has come onboard as a graphic artist. From France, acclaimed filmmaker Edu Nery, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, joins the team, aiming to infuse Matca’s vision into the French CBD market. As the director of photography, Nery will work intimately in crafting high-quality images that resonate with the European medicinal cannabis market.

The Matca Films team follows a methodical approach to each project. It all begins with the discovery stage, during which the team acquaints itself with the client and aligns with its ideas, objectives and aesthetics. The creative production stage sees them working in tandem with clients to bring their visions to life. Finally, during the post-production and delivery stage, the group ensures the final product and its message align perfectly with the client’s brand vision.

Matca’s passion for cannabis and photography runs deep. “Photography started hand in hand with my grandfather,” Matca recalls, reflecting on how his predecessor taught him to appreciate the camera and see the world through its lens. His love for cannabis, on the other hand, he sees as intrinsic to his creative process.

This combination of passions led Matca to make a bold decision. He packed his bags and headed to California, seeking the photographic subjects he craved, despite marijuana legalization not being as advanced as it is today. “Many of the farms did not want you to take any pictures,” Matca remembers.

But Matca didn’t back down. As cannabis legalization progressed, so did the waning reticence of cannabis growers. Eventually, he and his team started receiving assignments to shoot legal cannabis advertisements. Following his own advice to “trust in your vision of things and create fresh, new material,” Matca managed to turn his passion into a captivating career opportunity.

Today, Matca Films is a cornerstone in the cannabis industry, collaborating with clients like BSF Seeds, Leafy, Greenlane GNLN, Buddha Seeds, Eyce, The Dab Club and Green Monkey Cultivators.

One of Matca’s most unforgettable experiences was his visit to the Green Monkey Cultivators farm. “We went for two weeks to create a series of videos and photos that tell the story of the farm,” Matca narrates. What started as a work trip transformed into a true adventure when a powerful snowstorm trapped them at the farm, surrounded by snow-blanketed mountains and cannabis buds peeking out from the whiteness.

Steadfast in the belief that “Everything is sold through image and visuals,” Matca Films stands at the forefront, ready to collaborate and start creating in this dynamic sector.

Matca looks towards the future with optimism: “We are witnessing a revolution in the world of cannabis that is changing the perception that society has held for years. As the current generation, we are witnessing these changes and at Matca Films, we want to capture this process, explore the ancient cultures associated with the plant, and document the emergence of 420 culture in this era. Cannabis is transforming the world and our cameras are ready to witness it.”

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