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India’s first do-it-yourself (DIY) SaaS-based employee expense automation platform has been launched by Zaggle. The platform, called XPNS, created by the B2B SaaS fintech providing spend automation solutions and corporate cards looks to help develop business growth opportunities. All the while, improving expense processing costs, cash flow planning and driving bottom-line savings. 

Despite being one of the fastest digitising economies globally, 90 per cent of businesses in India continue to use expensive and time-consuming methods to process expenses. In fact, they spend up to 10 hours each month and over US$5 per receipt. XPNS was created to simplify the entire process. The Zaggle DIY platform enables businesses to migrate from a manual to a fully automated expense workflow in less than 30 minutes. In turn, this reduces the time and costs of managing expenses by 75 per cent.

Raj N, chairman and founder, Zaggle, said: “XPNS represents another significant step forward in our commitment to providing impactful financial automation solutions. Solutions that generate bottom-line savings for businesses.

“Do-it-yourself applications have transformed the consumer payments space and our customers. Tech-savvy businesses especially, expect similar intuitive consumer-grade solutions to manage business payments. With XPNS, we’re excited to redefine our industry in terms of innovation and customer expectations. We want to provide the best and most intuitive expense processing solution to streamline expenses. Furthermore, we want to strengthen financial controls, and achieve a healthy bottom line.”

Speaking on the launch, Avinash Godkhindi, managing director and CEO, Zaggle, added: “In today’s digital economy, many businesses are still managing expenses manually. There is a significant demand for innovative technology solutions to modernise expense management and maximise efficiencies.

“However, businesses are caught between either traditional manual methods or automation solutions primarily designed for large-scale enterprises with complex functional requirements and integrations that are ill-suited to their needs. With XPNS, our primary focus is to empower growing businesses with solutions that deliver speed, simplicity, and employee delight.”

Card benefits

The power of the XPNS comes from the combination of prepaid cards merged with core expense management software. To manage budgets and minimise the incidence of fraud and overspending, businesses are able to manage cards directly.

XPNS offers a range of benefits to customers, including:

  • Improved compliance backed by a powerful rule-based engine for defining, policies, compliance checking expenses, and flagging real-time policy violations.
  • Accurate expense records and fewer exceptions through machine learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) that “reads” receipt images and submits detailed, line-item expenses without manual data entry.
  • Enhanced decision-making agility with real-time insights into operations and expenditure patterns.
  • Reduced reconciliation overheads, faster end-of-month closing, and effortless auditory compliance.
  • Increased employee satisfaction with the companion XPNS app, enabling convenient expense submission and approval, card account management, mileage recording, and reimbursement tracking.
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