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Xsolla, a global video game commerce company,  has announced a new version of its flagship commerce product.

The new Xsolla Pay Station introduces significant updates to core functionality and is the only cross-platform branded payment experience for the video game industry. Features include an optimised user flow for an improved purchasing experience, a customisable user interface, streamlined mobile payments, and full support of mobile wallets worldwide.

Over 1000 developers already trust and use Pay Station to process transactions in over 200+ countries and accept 700+ payment methods worldwide. With the Xsolla Pay Station technology, developers can make their games available in more countries and provide access across multiple platforms and mobile devices with a wealth of customisation and branding options for their games.

A Streamlined Process

With a streamlined purchasing flow with fewer clicks for players, developers can generate and process more transactions quicker, equating to more revenue for their business.

Xsolla Pay Station delivers a new, genuinely adaptive checkout experience for video games, especially mobile games. Purchasing and payment habits have significantly evolved, and customers are used to making purchases with their mobile devices and expect every aspect of their buying experience to be intuitive and straightforward.

Modern payment solutions should meet customers’ needs, adapt to multiple platforms and devices, and match customers’ payment and branded expertise. Pay Station, therefore, lets developers extend their branded checkout experience across platforms for their users, no matter their preferred payment device or method.

“With the advancements introduced to Pay Station, we are helping developers to create a simple purchasing experience that looks and feels as if it is a part of their games no matter what platform,” said Anton Zelenin, global head for commerce at Xsolla. “Our partners can customise the customer experience, offer a streamlined payment process, and provide access to gamers’ preferred payment methods around the world on the platform of their choice.”

Video game developers now no longer have to use generic third-party interfaces for checkout. They can integrate Xsolla Pay Station and control the brand experience from login to completion of a purchase on any platform.

Active users can continue playing and enjoy fully branded and immersive experiences, associating ease, convenience, and enjoyment with the game brand, which can potentially lead to return purchases and long-term entertainment.

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