Xi Jinping's Confidant On US Matters Is This 71-Year-Old Harvard Graduate: SCMP

In the realm of China’s economic affairs, the influence of former vice-premier Liu He continues to be felt, even post his retirement, South China Morning Post reports.

Continued Influence

Despite stepping down from all official positions following the leadership reshuffle in March, Liu remains a trusted advisor for Xi Jinping on significant financial and economic matters, particularly those concerning the United States. His insights are sought on key issues such as domestic economic policies and strategies for dealing with US trade and economic matters.

Valued Expertise

Liu’s extensive knowledge and experience are seen as invaluable as Beijing navigates its relationship with the US, balancing cooperation and resistance, SCMP noted. Liu Wan-Hsin, a senior researcher at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in Germany, suggests that Liu’s continued involvement signals that economic development remains a top priority for the Chinese government.

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Legacy and Future

The 71-year-old Harvard-trained economist had a broad portfolio, ranging from the hi-tech drive to state-enterprise reforms and broader industrial policies. Liu’s expertise and international connections make him an asset for China as it seeks to rebuild economic relationships, particularly with Western economies. His successor, He Lifeng, now holds the position on the Central Financial and Economic Affairs Commission, China’s highest policy coordination body on economic affairs.

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