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At the end of the fourth quarter, Tesla Inc TSLA had over 4,600 Tesla Superchargers around the world. The company might have some miniature replicas of the popular charging stations available soon if fans vote for a Lego fan-submitted idea.

What Happened: A new fan submitted Lego creation of a replica Tesla Supercharger station could become a real Lego set under the company’s Lego Idea’s program. The move follows a similar fan submitted Tesla Cybertruck made out of Legos years ago.

A Lego Ideas fan with the username Airbricks95 has submitted a Tesla Supercharger station made out of Legos. The creation is up for votes from users to push it through to the final stages in the approval process.

The Lego set has three Supercharger stalls, a lounge and comes with a Tesla Cybertruck, a Tesla Model Y and two Tesla Model S vehicles. The set has two garage doors that can be opened and has a technical center for performing maintenance and updating the vehicle.

“Welcome to Tesla Centers. Today the world is changing and electric vehicles are arriving on our roads to give way to ecology, it seems to me necessary to build this set,” the description reads.

Airbricks95 submitted the idea and set on March 7. At the time of writing, the set has 3,684 supporters out of the 10,000 required to reach the final evaluation stage.

The same Lego Ideas user also has a creation of Springfield Elementary School, the popular school used in the Fox Corp FOX animated hit “The Simpsons.” Lego has previously released sets for the Simpsons’ house and the Kwik E Mart.

The Lego Ideas user also has a creation of The Room and The Balcony from “Wednesday,” the hit show on Netflix Inc NFLX. Lego previously released several items based on the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

The set based off of “Wednesday” has over 6,000 votes. 

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What’s Next: A Lego Ideas creation previously featured the Cybertruck years ago. The creation reached the 10,000 votes necessary to reach the review stage.

Lego ultimately decided not to turn the Cybertruck replica into a Lego set, and did not give a reason why.

The new Supercharger Lego Ideas creation has over 500 days to reach the required 10,000 votes to move on to the decision stage by the Lego team.

To make the set a reality, Lego would likely need to enter into a licensing deal with Tesla. It is not known if Tesla would welcome the idea. Perhaps someday, Tesla would sell the Supercharger Lego set in its online store and accept Dogecoin as a payment option.

Mattel Creations, a unit of Mattel Inc MAT, released a Lego-like version of the Tesla Cybertruck with a 3,000-piece set in 2021. The set came from MEGA Bloks, a unit of Mattel, that is similar in nature to Lego.

Hot Wheels, another Mattel brand, has also released a version of the Cybertruck.

Several Tesla blogs have picked up on the set and shared support, which could help boost the votes to near the 10,000 milestone. 

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