Was Steve Jobs A Genius Or Jerk? Retired Apple Engineer Tells The Tale - Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

As one of the most innovative and successful businessmen in history, Apple Inc AAPL founder Steve Jobs has been both revered and reviled for his actions and decisions.

But what was he really like as a person? According to retired Apple engineer Steven Ussery, it’s a “mixed bag,” he said in a Quora post. 

While Jobs could be charming and personable, he could also be incredibly difficult to work with. Ussery recounted several instances in which Jobs’ behavior was anything but pleasant, including his refusal to wear an employee badge and his habit of parking in accessible spots.

Despite quirks, Ussery admitted to respecting and admiring Jobs — though, he also notes that being on Jobs’ radar wasn’t always a good thing.

Those who caught Jobs’ attention often found their time at Apple to be shorter than expected.

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Perhaps the most telling anecdote is Ussery’s story of a company policy banning smoking on Apple property. Just hours before sending a companywide email banning cigarettes, Jobs walked past two employees smoking outside and said nothing. Rather, perhaps in a passive-aggressive manner, the Apple founder followed up with the email saying that smoking was no longer allowed at 1 Infinite Loop — the company headquarters.

In what could be seen as striking the same passive-aggressive vein, Jobs spotted an employee with a dog in the building and promptly sent out an email banning pets from all Apple buildings.

The retired engineer said he and his team named a software project “Smoking Dog” following Jobs’ ban on the pair, and mentioned that while some got the joke, Jobs didn’t, saying the founder didn’t have a sense of humor.

Ussery’s insights into Jobs offer a fascinating glimpse into the life and personality of one of the most influential figures in the tech industry. While Jobs was not without his faults, his impact on Apple and the industry as a whole cannot be denied.

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