WaPo Opinion names six to leadership team

The Washington Post‘s editorial page editor David Shipley announced the appointment of three journalists to the opinion section:


Amanda Katz

Amanda Katz joins as editor and is based in Washington, DC. Previously, Katz was part-time editor at The Post. Prior to that, she was senior editor for investigations at CNN, editor of The Boston Globe’s Ideas section and an editor at Slate and for Bloomsbury books.





Profile photo of Damir Marusic
Damir Marusic

Damir Marusic joins as editor and is based in Washington, DC. Marusic will expand the section’s coverage on domestic and international policy. Since 2018, Marusic has been a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council, where he led the organization’s “Balkans Forward” initiative. He is also the co-creator and editor of the Wisdom of Crowds podcast.




Profile photo of Bina Venkataraman
Bina Venkataraman

Bina Venkataraman joins as a columnist to write about the future and is based in Washington, DC. Previously, Venkataraman served as editorial page editor of The Boston Globe as well as its editor-at-large and a fellow at New America.


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