Wall Street takes the Stage; hosted by 'A Leg To Stand On' (ALTSO)

A Leg To Stand On “ ALTSO” is a non-profit organization that works in the developing world to give free, state of the art prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, and appropriately fitted wheelchairs to children with limb disabilities whose families cannot afford it. Their mission stands to provide every child treated through their programs with high quality, continuous care through the age of 21 as a means of offering them the physical capabilities needed to access the opportunities and self-esteem earned through education, independence and mobility. As of today, there are 106 million children currently living with untreated disabilities throughout the developing world.

ALTSO was co-founded by C. Mead Welles in 2002 and serves as the organization’s Chairman. Mead is also the Founder and CEO of Octagon Asset Management and is responsible for managing the core portfolios and determining the overall strategy of the hedge funds managed by Octagon. Since 2003, through local treatment providers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, ALTSO has treated more than 22,000 children in need. They have 11 programs 

within 10 countries across the globe. While as few as 10% of children with disabilities in developing countries attend school, in 2022 71% of ALTSO’s school-aged patients were attending or had already graduated from school. ALTSO’s programs exist mainly in Southeast Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. 

On Thursday, August 10th ALTSO held a live performance at the Cutting Room in midtown manhattan to help raise money for their initiatives throughout the world. The event showcased live performances featuring leaders of the finance industry from New York City. The bands performing included JAM Partners, Private Key, and Missyou. Among these bands were prominent banking professionals from the Wall Street community including famed CNBC contributor Tim Seymour. Seymour is also the founder and chief investment officer of Seymour Asset Management; an asset management and wealth management firm for high net worth clients. Seymour played several hit songs which brought great praise and applause from the onlooking crowd. Seymour then closed the night with a very grand and vibrant performance. 

ALTSO’s co-founder and chairman C. Mead Welles recently shared how influential entrepreneurs from Wall Street and the finance industry have been to the success of ALTSO. He stated that “Wall Street entrepreneurs have been crucial towards the success of ALTSO and are the pioneers of change and opportunity which are two pillars that make up the foundation of ALTSO”. He went on to mention “entrepreneurs have a passion, an appetite for risk and empathy from having to struggle and make sacrifices in order to succeed” which is why they identify with the mission of ALTSO so deeply. Additionally, Executive Director of ALTSO Gabriella Mueller-Evrard also recently spoke about what she feels is the most impactful part of her job. She stated that “seeing both the immediate impact of mobility care as well as the long-term benefits as they manifest is remarkable”. 

In addition, ALTSO is holding its annual Rocktoberfest  event in New York at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 19th as well as in Chicago on October 5th. Mueller-Evrard says that ALTSO will be “celebrating our 20th anniversary Rocktoberfest-NYC and our 12th annual Rocktoberfest-Chicago; both events will commemorate 20 years since the launch of ALTSO’s first program in Ahmedabad, India”. These events are each expecting over 1,000 attendees from the finance and wall street community. All ticket sales, proceeds, and donations will be sent directly to help with ALTSO’s ongoing mission of providing those children in need of the mobility tools they require. With these proceeds, ALTSO will continue to work and identify program partners “in areas that are traditionally underserved by the international aid community, and where access to quality orthopedic care is scarce” according to Mueller-Evrard. For those interested in the upcoming events in New York or Chicago please visit altso.org.

Paul Gray Managing Partner of Ironhold Capital Board of Director at Hedge Fund Association

Rahul Shah Analyst at Ironhold Capital Member of Hedge Fund Association

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