Trump Faces Near Tie With DeSantis In Poll Before Indictment: Here's How The GOP Candidates Stack Up

The number of candidates entering the race for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election has increased in recent weeks. While most polls show former President Donald Trump with a sizable lead, one poll puts a heated head-to-head battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis much closer.

What Happened: Polls from Morning Consult have shown Trump with a 34-point lead against DeSantis, even as candidates like Chris Christie and Mike Pence enter the race officially.

A survey from WPA Intelligence shows a much closer race. Here are the results of the recent poll, which came prior to news that Trump faces federal charges related to classified documents.

Donald Trump: 45%

Ron DeSantis: 43%

Undecided: 12%

The results of the poll come after DeSantis officially declared his campaign for the 2024 election. Prior to DeSantis’s announcement, Trump had a lead of 53% to 39%, with 8% undecided.

The survey done by the WPA intelligence was conducted for the Never Back Down PAC, which supports DeSantis.

“The Republican presidential caucus is a two-person race between Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump,” WPA CEO Chris Wilson said. “Despite heavy media attacks against Governor DeSantis, along with some rallying to Donald Trump following New York indictment, DeSantis’ ballot share has grown in the past month.”

A poll of Iowa voters saw Trump having a wider lead. The Iowa poll results were:

Donald Trump: 39

Ron DeSantis: 29%

Tim Scott: 7%

Nikki Haley: 6%

Mike Pence: 4%

Vivek Ramaswamy: 4%

The same Iowa poll saw Trump getting 48% of the vote and DeSantis getting 24% of the vote in early May.

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Why It’s Important: The results of the poll could point to an item discussed at the start of 2023. Polls that gave potential voters only two options saw DeSantis fairing better in a battle against Trump. Polls that offered multiple candidates as options saw Trump have a bigger lead.

With more candidates entering the race, Trump’s lead has grown over DeSantis. As the field gets more crowded, Trump could see more distance between himself and DeSantis. Likewise, candidates who drop out as the race goes on could provide a boost to DeSantis’ numbers.

The federal charges against Trump could lead to large changes in the polls conducted over the next several weeks. When Trump was indicted in New York earlier this year, he saw support go up in polls. His favoriability rating among GOP voters will be closely monitored to see if the same happens a second time around.

Trump’s GOP opponents have mostly attacked the judicial system over the charges against Trump instead of using it as an opportunity to criticize the former president.

“The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to free society,” DeSantis said Thursday. “We have for years witnessed an uneven application of the law depending upon political affiliation.”

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