Too Extreme? Gen Xer Juggles 3 Full-Time Jobs To Earn Over $344K A Year: Entrepreneur

Working remotely has opened up new opportunities for many, but one man has taken it to the extreme. A man identified as “Joseph” has been secretly working three full-time remote jobs, earning a combined income of $344,000 per year, Entrepreneur reports.

Triple Duty

Joseph, an IT professional, has been juggling three jobs for the past two years. He works for a large tech company, a medium-sized tech company, and a small startup, earning $90,000, $104,000, and $150,000 respectively. He manages to keep his employers in the dark by using different laptops for each job and maintaining separate work calendars.

Why Three Jobs?

Joseph’s motivation for working three jobs is to secure his children’s future and to have extra job security. He wants to pay for his children’s college education in cash to spare them the burden of student loans. He also believes that the current economic climate could lead to layoffs, and having multiple jobs provides a safety net.

Managing the Workload

Despite the potential for conflict, Joseph has found ways to manage his workload, according to Entrepreneur. He keeps his work calendars up to date and labels meetings from his other jobs as “private” to avoid double-booking. He also has a trusted friend at each of his first two jobs who knows about his multiple employment.

The Future

Joseph is considering quitting the first two jobs to focus on the third, which he describes as his “real passion.” Despite the stress of managing three jobs, he is not in a rush to give them up, wondering what he would do with all the extra time.

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