Thinkorswim Transitions To Charles Schwab Later This Year: A Look at What's New And Improved

TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform will transition to Charles Schwab Corporation SCHW later in 2023, according to a Tuesday announcement. 

After Charles Schwab’s announcement in August 2020 it was acquiring TD Ameritrade, the company continued to improve its thinkorswim trading product suite, with a host of new features and services added in the second half of 2022, Schwab said in a press release.

“We are working diligently to ensure a successful transition for TD Ameritrade clients moving to Schwab, while at the same time delivering innovation that ensures the best possible trading experience on thinkorswim,” Barry Metzger, head of trading and education at Charles Schwab, said in the release.

Regardless of the medium investors use to trade, the company said the the overall trading experience was improved, and more efficient and current across all devices.

The thinkorswim desktop platform has seen several improvements, including easier search with predictive text and new ways to visualize possible outcomes with the “Gann Fans” drawing tool.

The thinkorswim mobile platform has become more personalized, with the ability to customize the order ticket and color on a watchlist symbol, and has a more unified trading experience with order defaults that can be set and synced across platforms.

The thinkorswim web platform has made sharing and saving easier, with the ability to copy and paste orders and an enhanced library with additional studies.

“In addition to our focus on all of the necessary backend work to keep things running smoothly for clients throughout the integration, these latest enhancements to the thinkorswim product suite are a reflection of our commitment to deliver new functionality that traders want,” Metzger said.

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