Fintech influencers

Chime, OpenSea and Stripe have all been identified as the three most valuable fintechs in the world as of 2022; with a combined value of over £125billion. 

The findings have been derived from a new industry study by Utility Bidder, which listed the industry’s forerunning fintechs on company valuation, funding, Google searches, online visibility and social following.

The results were listed on the company’s fintech index, which highlighted the aforementioned fintechs as the leaders in the industry.

‘Chime is the clear winner, and the most influential fintech of 2022, scoring in the top five for all of the factors we looked at,’ said the index.

The American fintech, which offers mobile banking services, has one of the highest valuations of any fintech in the industry at $25billion; surpassed only by FTX.

The fintech is helping bring basic banking services to its customers and comes second for the total amount of funding raised, which has most recently been reported to be $2.3 billion.

Chime comes in fourth place for social followers and for Google searches, showing its popularity among consumers worldwide.

The NFT marketplace has been awarded second place on the company’s index.

The fintech was by far the most popular feature in terms of social following, with 1.8 million Twitter followers and 2,889,600 Google searches in the last 12 months, beaten only by Carta.

In terms of company value, OpenSea ranked third on the list with $13.3billion; as per its latest valuation.

With its e-commerce payment processing solutions, fintech Stripe has grabbed third place on the index; an achievement that has no doubt been driven by the boom in online transactions.

The San Francisco-headquartered company was the list’s most funded fintech, raising $2.4billion to date. In addition to this, and despite the absence of a company valuation, Stripe secured third place with 211,800 followers on Twitter and 143,000 Google searches.

Other honourable mentions on this year’s index include the business-to-business banking platform Brex, the payments company TripActions and the ownership and equity management platform Carta; all of which are American-headquartered companies.

In retrospect, the company’s 2022 index succeeds the findings of its similar 2021 study, which highlighted the fintech Robinhood as the industry’s most influential fintech by means of social following and funding.

Interestingly however, the fintech remained absent from its updated results.

However, Stripe also managed to make last year’s list, alongside fintechs Kraken, Klarna and Wise,

Again, Kraken, Klarna and Wise failed to make this year’s list.

Stripe ranked in second place last year, falling to third place in this year’s ranking. In 2022, Chime ranked as the most influential fintech, up six places from its position in its ranking last year.

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