Charlotte North Carolina

Since its November 2021 launch, when it established itself as the UK’s sixth principal clearing bank, The Bank of London now has its sights set on the US market; having opened its latest headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The clearing, agency and transaction bank has announced its intention to open its US global platform and services headquarters in North Carolina. This move is set to create 350 new jobs across various disciplines within the next four years.

New positions at the US division will include software development, compliance and risk, technology operations, infrastructure engineering and business operations. Mecklenburg and surrounding counties can expect an annual payroll impact of nearly $33million when fully staffed.

The Bank of London has taken an 11-year lease on offices at the city’s One Independence Center in the heart of Charlotte’s Central Business District.

Being the second largest banking city in the US after New York, the opening of the Bank’s US division in Charlotte brings access to a promising new talent pool.

“With The Bank of London building its technology hub in Charlotte, we continue to demonstrate that Charlotte is the epicentre of where finance and technology converge,” comments Vi Lyles, mayor of Charlotte. “This announcement further builds on our strategic international partnerships, and I look forward to seeing The Bank of London’s growth in our city.”

Jim Ditmore

Speaking on how its patented technology will power the US’ borderless economy, the Bank’s co-president and group operating officer, Jim Ditmore, describes how it will be “continuing to invest heavily in our technology offering for clients and we’ve chosen Charlotte as a key location to drive our agenda forward, enabled by Charlotte’s unique combination of banking talent, technologists, and financial business leaders.”

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