Tesla's Revamped 'Project Highland' Model 3 Is Coming, But Will The Company Avoid This One Change? - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Rumors are swirling of a revampedĀ Tesla IncĀ TSLA Model 3 dubbed Project Highland.

The changes are aimed at cost-cutting and attempted gains in efficiency in terms of both manufacturing and the vehicle itself.

The redesigned Model 3 will be produced at Gigafactory Shanghai in the third quarter of 2023, according to Reuters.

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But some Tesla owners are dreading a feature being passed down to the Model 3 that the more expensive Model S and X received in their refreshed designs: the yoke steering wheel.

Not only does the yoke change the shape of the steering device, it also ditches the stalks traditionally used for gear shifting and turn signals, moving all controls to touch-sensitive buttons on the yoke itself.

While there are some positive attributes about the yoke setup, there are those who are skeptical and not open to the idea of the stalkless setup seen in Tesla’s Model S and X. Whether Tesla brings this change is yet to be seen, but the Austin, Texas-based company is known for trying to use similar parts in all vehicles to take better advantage of economies of scale and streamline the production process.

Photo courtesy of Tesla

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