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SeedBlink, the European co-investment platform in tech startups, has launched a secondary market for individual investors in European startups. It aims to reduce barriers for individuals to access the venture capital investments.

Prior to the launch, the company conducted several pilots with existing shareholders. It has also secured an EU Passport as per the European Crowdfunding Service provider regulation (ECSPR) licensing.

SeedBlink’s digital secondary market provides verified users access to a new Bulletin Board and processes to privately negotiate sell-buy offers. This extends trade access for all equity rounds in the portfolio and enhances investor control over the process.

The secondary market, centred on pan-European tech-exclusive deals, is expected to offer early liquidity to individual investors in startups, an otherwise illiquid asset class. It frees up capital and allows buyers to invest at various risk profiles and take part in projects they might have missed on the primary market.

Developing a European tech hub

Ionuț Pătrăhău, co-founder and managing partner of SeedBlink, stated: “The development of the secondary market on SeedBlink is in line with our goal to effectively connect investors and tech startups on a single European platform, building a financial ecosystem that will support the development of a European tech hub.”

With the recent Benelux expansion and the existing CEE offices, SeedBlink consolidates its position as a go-to platform for European tech startups.

“It’s important that tech startups can rely on European funding, so that we don’t lose them to the US or Asia,” added Pătrăhău. “The growth of the European tech sector looks promising, but the fragmentation of the investment market across countries with each having their own corporate legal system, is not really beneficial. The challenge therefore is to build a European network with local representation in each country.”

Creating a safe environment

The secondary market is made possible by the ECSPR regulation, which defines clear procedures around the primary and secondary markets throughout Europe. This creates a safe environment for cross-border startup investments.

The platform’s European tech-exclusive focus and the direct negotiation capabilities set it apart from other secondary markets. Together with a carefully selected pool of investors and tech enthusiasts, SeedBlink’s offer consists primarily of VC-backed deals.

The current investment threshold is minimum €2,500, but the introduction of a secondary market will remove the investment ticket size, enabling more people to create wealth by investing a fractional amount in equity projects with access to curated European early-stage tech companies alongside institutional investors.

“The liquidity was the most sought-after feature for individual investors to diversify further their portfolios with startups,” explains Andrei Dudoiu, SeedBlink’s founder and managing partner. “Platforms like ours enable individual investors to participate directly in startups backed by VCs as primary transactions. We are contributing to further democratizing the industry by elaborating on secondary investments, also referred to as secondaries.”

The secondary market will further reduce barriers between individual investors and opportunities for startup investments.


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