Rumored Details Of Tesla Project Highland: Revamp Of Model 3 With New Interior, Autopilot Hardware - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Inc TSLA is allegedly working on a major revamp of its popular Model 3, known as Project Highland, which will bring changes to the best-selling electric vehicle since its 2017 launch.

What Happened: The website “Not A Tesla App” shared leaked information from a trusted insider that revealed the Model 3 Highland will have multiple updates both inside and out.

Redesigned headlights will be a different shape and Tesla will continue to offer matrix headlights, though it is unclear if they will be enabled at launch.

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The new front bumper will house a camera in its lower vent area, similar to the one showcased on Tesla’s Cybertruck. This camera could help address blind spots in front of the vehicle.

The rear bumper will also be changed, though no new cameras are expected at the back.

Updated mirrors will be part of the revamp, with a minor refresh to their appearance.

Three new cameras will be added — one in the front bumper and two on the sides of the vehicle — improving the vehicle’s visibility at certain intersections.

The Model 3 Highland will also include Tesla’s latest full self-driving computer and upgraded 5-megapixel cameras.

Interior updates include the replacement of wood trim with a fabric finish, possibly Alcantara, and a dash facelift.

What’s Next: Production for the revamped Model 3 is expected to begin in the third quarter. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

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