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With fintech continuing to enable business without borders, Routable is empowering international trade and scalability with its latest cross-border payments solution.

The business payments platform, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, will allow businesses to pay their vendors and contractors across 220 countries.

The cross-border payments solution facilitates payments across an international network of third parties, permitting business expansion while simultaneously enabling the onboarding of new vendors and contractors.

Omri Mor

“We work with companies that are scaling rapidly, with an increasing need to pay gig workers and vendors around the globe,” explains the company’s co-founder and CEO Omri Mor, who noted that the solution is particularly important for “companies in the growing gig economy and marketplace spaces.”

The majority of traditional cross-border payment solutions are built to support single peer-to-peer cross-border transactions or are often designed to handle the traditional AP use case.

Routable’s cross-border payments solution aims to provide for both global and domestic payouts settled within a unified workflow.

The solution supports a payments corridor between 220 countries and territories with flexible payment options including international ACH and SWIFT.

Finance teams, who have long since battled with fractured and disjointed systems, are set to benefit from the software’s multiple capabilities, which incorporate direct payouts, no-code CSV upload and REST API features.

The solution also maintains details of bills and payments, with integration with Netsuite, a cloud business software suite, now available to customers.

The launch of the company’s latest solution gives its customers access to a B2B mass payouts solution while still offering an adaptable and secure payments infrastructure.

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