'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Warns Of Economic Pain, Says Bitcoin May Protect Wealth - Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki says the U.S. is heading towards an impending economic collapse.

He noted in a tweet that amid an economic meltdown, investors can keep their capital intact by loading up on gold, silver and Bitcoin BTC/USD


Kiyosaki advised people to create various income streams to combat the economic crash.  

Hinting at a similar economic situation, Kiyosaki said people were not looking at the larger financial picture. He noted silver was a solid investment in October, trading below $20.

“Why millions to be wiped out: People Can see microeconomics: food and fuel prices rising. I cannot see macroeconomics. Macroeconomics invisible. Protect yourself from Macro. Buy gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Silver’s best investment in Oct 2022. Everyone can afford $20 silver but are blind,” he said. 

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Kiyosaki has said that he is bullish on Bitcoin because state-sponsored pension funds are starting to invest in BTC.


During a May interview, Kiyosaki said that rising inflation, shortfalls in social security and healthcare funding are the key factors influencing the economy. 

He warned that it is going to hammer a massive number of baby boomers.

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