Psychedelics Startups Thrive As Seed Funding Grows: Healing Maps Raises $1M

HealingMaps, an informative psychedelic therapy search site, announced the closing of a seed round funding for a total $1 million coming from eight investors including Phyto Partners and Ambria Capital

As part of the investment, Ambria Capital and Phyto Partner’s managing partner Cody Shandraw will take on the role of board chairman for HealingMaps.

The platform was created with the goal of providing information and education to healthcare professionals and individuals on psychedelic-assisted therapy and on how to find qualified providers in their area. Shandraw said its innovative UX “makes it easy for patients to search for services by location and medical specialty, then schedule appointments with just a few clicks.

“That ease-of-use combined with engaging content will be an important driver for the growth of this blossoming new healthcare field,” he concluded.

Phyto’s managing partner Larry Schnurmacher stated that this investment “fits our strategy and thesis that people are increasingly focusing on their mind health as much as they focus on their physical health.” 

HealingMaps CEO Cory Jones is bullish about the prospect of the new partnership. In his view, mental health is experiencing “a seismic shift,” while clinical research is showing positive data on the impact of psychedelic compounds. 

“With more and more psychedelic-assisted therapy retreats and clinics opening around the globe, patients need to know which ones they can trust, and which ones offer the right services. That’s the value that HealingMaps provides, connecting people with cutting-edge resources so they can confidently decide which clinic and treatment is right for them,” Jones concluded.

Photo courtesy of Geralt on Pixabay.

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