Pros and Cons of Misfits Market


With prices rising and many people having incredibly busy schedules, finding ways to save on groceries while keeping shopping convenient is increasingly a must. That’s what Misfits Market tries to do, advertising competitive prices on grocery items and delivery straight to your door. Here’s a look at Misfits Market, including what it is, how much it costs, and the pros and cons of Misfits Market.

What Is Misfits Market?

Misfits Market is a grocery delivery service that focuses on selling organic produce that’s imperfect in its appearance or is surplus inventory that needs to get used. As a result, the pricing is often lower than you find at traditional grocery stores.

However, Misfits Market doesn’t just sell produce. There are also proteins and a variety of pantry staples, making it a solid alternative to heading to a store for many items. You can either sign up for weekly deliveries (which you can pause or cancel at any time) or shop a la carte as needed.

How Much Does Misfits Market Cost?

Misfits Market states that it helps people save up to 40 percent on groceries, listing an average savings of $25.17 on its website (as of March 2023). However, the actual cost varies, as people can build and customize their orders to meet their specific needs. As a result, there isn’t one set price for the service.

Pros and Cons of Misfits Market


Generally, the biggest benefit of Misfits Market is convenience, as it allows you to get groceries delivered to your door every week. The selection of organic produce is also substantial, offering most of what a household would need. You’ll also see seasonal produce that changes regularly, allowing you to explore items that might not be at your local store.

Creating a box and managing your deliveries is reasonably easy. Plus, you can skip or cancel without much hassle. Customer service is also reliable, so if something gets damaged in transit, they’ll help make it right.


While having access to seasonal produce is a nice feature, it does mean that specific items aren’t always available. Additionally, popular items may sell out. You’re also dealing with a relatively small shopping window, so you have to stay on top of your deliveries to get what you need.

Generally, Misfits Market has competitive prices, but that doesn’t mean everything is cheaper. You also have to meet the minimum order requirements and deal with shipping costs.

In some cases, it’s also hard to find allergen information when viewing certain products on the site. As a result, those with food allergies may not be able to take advantage of the additional pantry items without some degree of risk.


After looking at the pros and cons of Misfits Market, do you think it’s a wise choice? Have you tried Misfits Market and want to tell others about your experience? Did you stop using it and want to let others know why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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