Positivity Breeds Success - image of a man with rich habits versus poor habits

Image of a man with rich habits versus a man with poor habits.

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One of the secrets to success, I found in my Rich Habits research, was that positivity increases your chances to become rich and successful.

I have many studies in my Study Binder on Positivity. Here are some highlights regarding positivity:

  • People want to develop relationships with positive, upbeat people.
  • When you are in business, referrals come much easier to you if you possess a positive mindset.
  • Positivity puts others at ease, relaxes them, soothes them.
  • Positivity will inspire and motivate those who work for you – you get the best out of your employees.
  • Positivity is a competitive advantage – customers, clients, patients will be reluctant to leave you for the competition.
  • Positivity brings out the best in you.
  • Positivity improves all of your relationships.
  • Positivity infects others like a virus. One individual’s positivity can alter the mindset of a person with a negative mindset. Caveat: one individual’s negative mindset can alter the mindset of a positive person.
  • People are more eager to follow positive people.
  • People will run through walls for a positive leader or supervisor.
  • Organizations with an upbeat, positive environment have many advantages: longer-term employees, higher creativity, stronger customer-base, better communication of ideas & solutions within the organization, higher sales and profits, more productivity, better able to overcome adversity and experience constant growth.
  • Positive people stay married longer.
  • Positive people suffer less from chronic stress – they have less anxiety and better overall health.
  • Positive people are much better at dealing with emergencies, unexpected consequences and other short-term stress events.
  • Positive people are healthier – they have stronger immune systems.
  • Positive people have longer telomeres, which translates into fewer diseases and a longer lifespan.
  • Positive people exercise more frequently, making them healthier and more fit.
  • Positive people are more open-minded and thus, able to grow their IQ and knowledge-base, increasing their intelligence throughout their lives.
  • Positive people are less judgmental of others, which endears them to others.
  • Positive people are not stuck in ideology and are more receptive in considering the views of others, which makes others like them more and want to deal with them more.
  • Positive people have more friends and a larger social network.
  • Positive people are more creative.
  • Positive people are better able to see solutions to problems, overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of adversity.
  • Positive people make more money and accumulate more wealth during their lifetimes.

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