Pokémon NFTs Could Be Coming Soon: Will Investors Chase Down Pikachu, Charmander And More To Catch 'Em All - Nintendo Co (OTC:NTDOY)

One of the biggest video game brands of all time could be the latest company to explore the use of non-fungible tokens in games or as a way to boost its connection with fans. Here’s the latest.

What Happened: One of the bestselling video game brands of all time is Pokémon, which was first launched as a game in Japan in 1996 and in North America in 1998.

Since releasing the first video game, The Pokémon Company has gone on to be one of the biggest video game brands in the world with video games, movies, television shows, mobile games and consumer products.

The company’s next area for growth could be non-fungible tokens or the metaverse according to a new job posting from the company, which wants to hire a “Corporate Development Principal,” who will report to company executives.

Among the items listed on the job posting for requirements are:

“Deep knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse”

“Deeply connected to a network of investors and entrepreneurs in the technology sectors above (Web3 and metaverse)”

The Pokémon Company is partially owned by leading gaming company Nintendo Co., Ltd. NTDOY. Nintendo has not explored NFTs for any of its well-known brands like Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong yet.

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Why It’s Important: Pokémon celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 and is one of the biggest gaming franchises. The launch of NFTs or metaverse by the company could be a huge validation boost for the Web3 community.

The gaming community has been mixed on non-fungible tokens, with many gaming companies withdrawing plans after community backlash from gamers.

Companies such as Square Enix, Konami, Zynga, Electronic Arts and other gaming brands have announced plans to create blockchain-themed games. Others like Mojang, the developer of Minecraft and a unit of Microsoft Corporation, have banned NFTs and distanced themselves.

Pokémon previously took an Australian company to court over the NFT game “PokeWorld.”

With more than 1,000 Pokémon and a tagline of “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” NFT opportunities could be massive for The Pokémon Company if it does explore the opportunity. The metaverse opportunity could also prove interesting with Pokémon belonging to different regions and areas that gamers can explore.

Benzinga recently reported that Sesame Street is launching its first NFTs this week. Other popular children’s brands such as Care Bears, Hello Kitty, Rugrats, Star Wars and Marvel have launched NFTs for collectors and investors.

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Photo: At the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, courtesy The Pokémon Company

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