Netcetera departs on-premises data centres for cloud-based operations in an attempt to better adhere to shifting consumer expectations.  

The UK-based web hosting service provider is to migrate its 3D Secure (3DS) server in its first step towards a cloud hosted environment.

As cited in the company’s official announcement, the switch hopes to deliver modernised infrastructure that more easily meets rapidly changing customer behaviour and expectations, while also facilitating business growth.

Christian Waldvogel

“High-quality and high-availability solutions are an important part of our success, as are the long-term relationships we build with our customers and partners,” stated Christian Waldvogel, from the management team of Netcetera.

“We work with front-runners in the payment field to ensure that we set up the security and quality standards in the industry.”

Netcetera joins the crusade of fintech and wider tech companies that are currently transitioning to a cloud-based model as a means of solving both infrastructural and local market challenges

Ambitions may include global coverage, providing services closer to the customers, and answering the local regions’ needs in which the payment player operates.

For Netcetera customers, it means that the company is undertaking all the actions to optimise costs, especially when resource shortages and prices are scaling up, and the markets around the world are strengthening their local regulations.

Even more, cloud platform usage is set to assist the ability to serve the most demanding and significant payment platforms during peak loads.

Adopting the cloud leads to 62 per cent more efficient IT infrastructure management versus on-premises and reduced unplanned downtime. The cloud data centres that rely on renewable energy resources guarantee improved performance with automated scalability in a highly secured PCI 3DS/DSS certified infrastructure.

CEO, Andrej Vckovski,
Andrej Vckovski

When asked about Netcetera’s plans in the long run, the company’s CEO, Andrej Vckovski, stated: “We care about where our energy comes from and how we are using it, and the time has come for all payment players to get involved in the process with global action.

“Digitalisation is usually an energy saver on a global scale, but it still accounts for about 10 per cent of global energy consumption. Clever design and reduction of energy waste can already make a difference. Along with us, our customers will contribute to this mission and join us in decreasing the carbon footprint.”

The migration process of its 3DS server to a new cloud platform started in January 2022, enduring a phased integration to ensure operationality.

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