Musk Reacts As Tucker Carlson Launches Wild Defense Against Trump

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday reacted on Twitter after Former host Tucker Carlson returned to the platform with a new episode of a recently launched video series, despite an escalating dispute with Fox News

What Happened: Musk tweeted “Bold” in response to Carlson’s new video defending Donald Trump after the former president, earlier in the day, was arraignment in the Miami court for his alleged mishandling of classified documents. 

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Carlson, showing his support for the ex-president, took a critical stance towards the notion of classified documents and casually suggested that in Washington, “everything is classified.”

“Washington is a city where internal memos about Labor Day are classified because everything is classified.”

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“Your government has classified more than a billion federal documents—most of them boring and pointless and a danger to no one—and locked them away in secret where you can’t see them because you may be an American citizen but not really, and therefore you don’t have the necessary clearances to know what’s going on,” he said. 

Carlson also berated Republicans, who, according to him, “will not be sad if he [Trump] dies in jail” as he likened the ex-president to a martyr. 

“Trump is a flawed man, but his sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors. In this life, we do not get to choose our martyrs. We can only choose our principles and America’s are at stake.”

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Why It Matters: According to Axios, Fox News sent Carlson a cease-and-desist letter on Monday over his new Twitter series. Carlson, who was ousted from Fox in late April, launched his new show “Tucker on Twitter” on the Musk-owned microblogging platform earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, in a separate tweet, Musk reiterated his invitation for “anyone on the left” to join the platform. “Once again, I’d like to offer this platform to anyone on the left. You will get equal treatment,” he tweeted. 

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