Me Asking Insanely Stupid Questions To ChatGPT May Have Just Cost OpenAI $1 — And It Highlights A Real Problem

If you are like me, spending tons of time on OpenAI’s chatGPT, asking questions that may or may not always make sense, then read on. 

What Happened: ChatGPT is a hugely trendy topic in technology at the moment. It has impressed netizens because of its natural and engaging conversation abilities. One can surmise the popularity of the chatbot because it had more than one million users in just the first week of its launch. So, we thought we might as well ask the chatbot a few questions.

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Given that chatGPT is free, OpenAI is spending significant resources and money to keep it up and running. 

A Twitter user, Tom Goldstein, also the Perotto Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, said that chatGPT usually gives answers in not less than 30 words — which costs OpenAI at least 1 cent per answer.

According to Goldstein, OpenAI is currently spending $100K a day or $3 million monthly. 

While chatGPT is designed to be able to generate responses to user input and can have sophisticated conversations, it is not immune to being asked nonsensical questions. While that may seem like harmless fun, it has actual costs associated with it. And when many people ask chatGPT silly questions, it could lead to a significant drain of resources. 

To test this, we asked chatGPT about 100 questions, including some insanely silly ones as well, which may have cost OpenAI $1.

Here are a few examples: 

Should I dip my French fries in a milkshake before eating it?

Can the Moon really fall on Earth?

Is Elon Musk trying to be Lord of Mars?

Albus Dumbledore is the true villain in Harry Potter, not Voldemort.

My cat and dog are very friendly, is it possible they are plotting against me? 

How a pirate might decorate a Christmas tree?

Write a conversation between two infants.

How will William Shakespeare describe pineapple on pizza?

What came first: the hen or the egg?

Why are pandas so cute?

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