Mark Cuban Lashes Out At Joe Rogan, Elon Musk On Vaccines, Says Both Represent Mainstream Online Media Now

As Joe Rogan et al strived to draw vaccine scientist Dr. Peter Hotez into a debate with Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., billionaire Mark Cuban offered his two cents on the development.

What Happened: While conceding that the pharmaceutical industry has had its fair share of problems, Cuban said it is bulls**t to ignore that the same industry has saved many lives.

“It’s also disrespectful to all the doctors, researchers and medical professionals that dedicate their lives to saving lives, like Dr Hotez and the [800,000] plus doctors in the country that believe vaccines save lives,” the Dallas Mavericks owner said.

Cuban said Rogan wasn’t trying to get at the truth. “You [aren’t] trying to find the ground truth on vaccines,” he said.

“Trying to bully Dr. Hotez is ridiculous,” Cuban said, adding that Rogan has producers and Kennedy Jr. has staff to prepare them.

“You both do this on a daily basis Dr Hotez works every day to try to find ways to help people.”

Pulling Elon Musk also into the conversation, Cuban said Rogan, along with the Twitter CEO, are the mainstream online media and that their platforms have become everything supposedly wrong with the mainstream media.

“You are driven by self interest. Just like the MSM, always has been accused of. And you have earned that right,” Cuban said.

“But don’t lie to yourselves and all of us and tell us you are different. You aren’t.”

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Why It’s Important: Kennedy Jr. in his appearance on one of the episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcasts aired on Thursday repeated his anti-COVID-19 vaccine stance.

Hotez took exception to his comments in a tweet. This attracted attention from Rogan and a host of anti-vaxxers including Musk. Rogan challenged the vaccine specialist for a debate with Kennedy Jr. on his show, offering $100,000 to be given to a charity of the doctor’s choice.

Musk also chimed in and said it was a mistake to push for so many COVID-19 booster shots. Even the initial vaccine shot was overkill in quantity, he said.

Replying to the comments, Hotez said it wasn’t easy to respond when “those 3 gang up and tag team,” referring to Rogan, Kennedy and Musk. “Wish I could be more eloquent and clever when the moment demands, but there you are,” he said.

Cuban has an interest in healthcare through his Dallas, Texas-headquartered Cost Plus Drug Company, which promises safe, affordable medicines at transparent prices.

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