Making Every Advertising Dollar Count With Integral Ad Science

Marketers are turning to digital advertising in droves as their preferred marketing strategy. According to Insider Intelligence, 2022’s estimated spending on digital ads surpassed $500 billion and continues to grow in 2023. Integral Ad Science (IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, is on the frontlines of this evolving market. Through its innovative use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), IAS uses data-driven technology to activate and optimize impactful digital ad campaigns.

Connected TV (CTV), a growing digital medium for marketers, is a large part of this digital advertising push, according to IAS’s Chief Executive Officer Lisa Utzschneider. “Especially the last 18 to 24 months, the explosive adoption of social platforms and Connected TV, that is where marketers are shifting their budgets.”

CTV is television or entertainment connected to the internet like Netflix. IAS is the only company to date to have earned accreditation for viewability in CTV viewable impressions from the Media Rating Council (MRC). This accreditation attests to the company’s commitment to transparency and quality in all aspects of the digital measurement landscape.

According to Utzschneider, “Marketers want to run their advertising within the live feeds of social platforms. But they want to ensure that their ads are running adjacent to brand safe, brand suitable content within the live feeds.”

To answer the calls for brand safety and suitability, IAS developed products like Total Media Quality (TMQ), to ensure that brands are appearing next to quality content on social media platforms.

TMQ is a product supported by ML and AI to provide powerful insight into video content – the most popular form of content on social media – taking control of brand safety and suitability to ensure effective campaigns. TMQ can read every frame of video, analyzing the meaning of the images, audio and text, helping brands determine which content is the most aligned with its values to run campaigns on automatically.

According to Julie Kandel, Senior Partner, Director of Brand Safety in North America at GroupM, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, TMQ is essential quality control because it analyzes the “sight, the sound, the motion of a video. Its frame by frame, video by video analysis provides the opportunity for advertisers to unlock more places that an advertisement can run.”

She added, “Safety and suitability are the number one priority. Our clients want their ads to run with contextually relevant content that is safe and suitable for their brands. They also want to support good content and quality journalism with their ad spending. And IAS’s Total Media Quality product helps us do just that.”

Founded in 2009, IAS works with over 2,000 advertisers worldwide. Through data-driven technologies with real-time insight, the company aims to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for the world’s largest advertisers, publishers and media platforms. IAS held an initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq in June 2021 joining the many large and innovative technology companies like Google, Microsoft and others that call Nasdaq home.

IAS’s successful IPO was met by a wide pool of investor interest that provided increased capital for its technological advancement initiatives, both organically and through acquisitions. Today, TMQ doesn’t just help advertisers automatically optimize the search for suitable and safe content, it also mitigates one of the largest risks in digital campaigns—ad fraud.

Through faking impressions and user engagement, ad fraud jeopardizes brand messaging and safety, consequently reducing companies’ return on investment (ROI).

“In terms of media wastage, by 2024 [fraud] will be a $100 billion problem, with up to a third of ad impressions going to waste. IAS helps marketers cut that waste to help ensure their ads are seen by real people in a safe and suitable environment,” said Utzschneider. 

Looking ahead, IAS plans to focus on leveraging data to further assist marketers in finding higher-quality media and drive increased ROI. “We are heads down innovating on behalf of our customers. We’re leveraging our best-in-class ML and AI technology and products. We’re leaning into AI, to further accelerate our innovation and accelerate our go to market,” said Utzschneider.

To learn more about how IAS is Rewriting Tomorrow for brand-relevant advertising, the company is hosting an Analyst and Investor Day on June 13, 2023 from 12:30 – 4:00 p.m. ET at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City.

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