A third annual conference on digital transformation is set to take place in Jordan on 6 to 7 March. The conference will explore the use of technology and global trends for the country’s future digital transformation.

The two-day conference occurs annually and has become a meeting point for senior government decision-makers, industry leaders, leading international technology consultants and digital experts in Jordan to share their experience and knowledge to help drive digital transformation forward.

Discussions at the conference will focus on the likes of:

  • integration of advanced and emerging technologies in Jordan using artificial intelligence
  • advanced analytics
  • blockchain
  • the role of cybersecurity in ensuring successful digitalisation in Jordan
  • the importance of machine learning
  • automation adoption in digital services

The conference will also feature technical workshops, fireside chats and interactive roundtable discussions. Through this, it aims to offer a platform for Jordan’s digitalisation experts, as well as leading international solution providers to discuss the latest plans and innovations in the country’s digital transformation journey.

Over 30 experts will discuss new ideas alongside the roadmap for the future of the digital transformation of Jordan. It expects to receive over 300 attendees and over 150 decision-makers across the two days.

The 2023 edition of Digital Transformation Jordan will be attended by senior government officials, digitalisation leaders, project owners and emerging technology experts discussing the future of digital transformation and current global trends. Jordan’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship also endorsed the event.

Encouraging ‘local IT talent’
Ahmad Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

H.E. Ahmad Al Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, explained what the conference aims to achieve. He said: “We are keen to modernise IT projects in Jordan and address e-government projects across government agencies to keep pace with the progress of digital transformation innovations that improve the delivery of government services and enhance the efficiency of government performance.

“We also hope to strengthen the country’s digital transformation by encouraging more local IT talent to be part of the digitisation process. Conferences like the Digital Transformation Jordan are ideal to discuss opportunities for cooperation with experts to enhance the nation’s digital transformation ecosystem.”

H.E. Belal Hafnawi, commissioner and board member at Jordan Telecommunication, also discussed the digital transformation of the country. He said: “Jordan is paving the way toward massive digital transformations.

“Business models changing has already occurred in different sectors including, and not limited to, technology, fintech, education, agriculture, industry, health, and others. Introducing 5G in Jordan will enhance the digital infrastructure and will be an enabler for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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