Is an Essay Writing Service Really Worth the Cost?

Whether it is writing small articles in junior school or completing research-based Ph.D. thesis projects, your writing skill has always determined your grades. Several online tools like grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors have emerged to make the task less tedious, but essay writing services have always been in the limelight. People are often skeptical about the effectiveness of these services, but millions have truly benefited from it. Let’s check out different aspects of essay writing services to determine if it’s worth it.

Students juggling studies with their part-time jobs often turn to essay writing services to balance work with academic responsibilities. They aim to meet their academic requirements while still financially supporting their education. Another group of students who rely highly on essay writing services are those lacking the motivation to diligently complete lengthy essays. For them, essay writing is a huge investment of time and effort, which they believe can be avoided with these essay writing services. It might seem like a shortcut to success, but they are missing out on valuable learning opportunities. 

Ph.D. students are also among the user base of essay writing services. For these scholars, their thesis is critical, a pinnacle in their academic career. This is where they are under tremendous pressure to deliver flawless work. No wonder many Ph.D. students resort to essay writing services provided by professional writers, leaving no room for error.

One notable company in this space is Write My Essays, founded by Pamela Zimmerman in 2011. It is a Chicago-based essay writing service provider that has been a trusted partner for students of all levels. According to its founder, Pamela Zimmerman, essay writing services have both benefits and drawbacks. It is up to students to utilize it to their advantage without harming their learning curve.

On the positive side, these services are immensely helpful to students struggling to balance academic pressure with overwhelming workloads. Essay writing services act as a lifeline to ensure their education is not jeopardized. On the flip side, essay writing services present ethical concerns. Many critics have argued that it undermines the educational process by disengaging students. These services come in handy and attract students, depriving them of the opportunity to learn essential skills and knowledge.

Essay writing services are not immune to plagiarism risks. In a rush to meet the deadline, students purchase someone’s essay and submit it as their own, compromising their integrity in their academic career. Considering all these factors, essay writing services remain controversial in the academic realm. It is always wise to use these services based on circumstances and perspectives and never due to a lack of interest or reluctance toward academic responsibilities.

While essay writing services can be a valuable resource for some, students should cautiously approach these benefits and use them as a last resort. Education is more than just a degree. It is a journey of acquiring knowledge and skills. A shortcut here is like fooling yourself into believing you are worth the degree you obtained when you are not. Responsibly using essay writing services can balance academic success and personal growth.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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