Inside Vladimir Putin's High-Security Luxury Palace 250 Miles From Moscow: Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a luxury palace tucked away in the forest 250 miles outside of Moscow. A new report reveals some of the details of the reported home of the Russian president, his girlfriend, and their secret children.

What Happened: The Russian invasion of Ukraine recently passed the one-year anniversary, marking a longer-than-anticipated international conflict for many.

Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine and has not backed down from the ongoing war.

While details of Putin’s life and family are minimal outside of Russia, a new report from the Daily Mail unlocks reported details of a palace he shares with his girlfriend and children. The report comes from a report by the Proekt independent media group. The publication included photos of the palace and satellite images. 

Inside the Palace: A luxury palace hidden in the forest 250 miles from Moscow is the subject of a new report and inside look at Putin’s life outside the capital city.

The palace in Valdai has served as a royal residence for Putin since he took power in Russia.

The palace is guarded by security service. An armored train can travel to the palace from several locations in Russia. An air defense system is also said to be located nearby the palace, installed as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

A spa complex on the grounds features a 25-meter swimming pool, a sauna, a mud room, a cryo chamber, massage baths and cosmetology areas.

A second mansion is located nearby the palace and was the rumored original home of Putin’s girlfriend.

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Why It’s Important: Along with the details of the palace, the report notes that Putin reportedly has three children with his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva, which has not been confirmed to date. An investigation by the media outlet said there is a “constant presence of children in the residence.”

Kabaeva is a former Olympic gymnast, who has long been the subject of a reported romantic relationship with Putin.

Putin divorced his wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya in 2013.

The report said Kabaeva also has a penthouse in Sochi, which is said to be one of the largest apartments in Russia.

“She is the uncrowned queen of Russia, the secret concubine of President Putin and the alleged mother of the children,” the report said.

Putin has been the President or Prime Minister of Russia since 1999 and despite being one of the most important people in the world, details of his family life have remained mostly secret.

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