If Convicted, Trump Could Face Impeachment In Second Term: Former AG

Obama-Era Attorney General Eric Holder said that if Donald Trump is re-elected to a second term, a potential conviction would lead to an impeachment process, resulting in his removal from office.

What Happened: Holder commented when he appeared on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki.” 

He said, “Well, the notion that you could have a trial, defend it, be convicted, somehow win the election, be sworn in as a president, or whenever it happens, that seems inconsistent with our notion of fairness, of the rule of law.”

The former attorney general hoped that the impeachment might be not only considered but also brought and Trump be ultimately moved from office.

“The notion that a convicted felon, convicted felon, would serve as president of the United States is absurd. It’s simply absurd.”

Why It Matters: Last week, Trump became the first president in history to face federal charges after he was indicted for mishandling classified documents.

Trump faces up to 400 years in prison and a $9 million fine after he was indicted by the Federal government. Earlier in April, Trump was arrested and arraigned in Manhattan in a case involving the payment of hush money to a porn actor.

Holder said that people have “underestimated the impact of this indictment.” He said, “I think that that will have some electoral effect. And so, the likelihood that he’ll be able to survive this and win a general election, I think, is pretty small.”

Last month, a longtime ally of former president and former attorney general Bill Barr said it would be a “horror show” if Trump was reelected president.

Trump has said he sees “no case” in which he would drop out of the 2024 presidential election, reported The Hill. 

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